Experience Alaska, 2011
--intensive, inspiring, breakthru moments--


Workshop Details-

June 20-25 (Monday-Friday) week long workshop option

June 26-27 (Saturday-Sunday) weekend workshop option

...take one, or sign up to take both!

Wasilla, Alaska  
(about 45 minutes north of Anchorage)

Getting in touch with nature and the moment also requires getting in touch with the essentials that account for what grabs you by the jugular and says, "Paint ME!" A number of set up and design exercises on location will help artists breakdown and synthesize the most important impetus for creating optimum best work. Avoiding those shoot-yourself-in-the-foot moments that cause conflict and inevitable frustration, due to less than the best compositional decisions that frequently interfere with growth and one's best work.

Managing your palette attack beginning with emphasis on values, and then color to record nature's moment to color to interpret nature's mood...all from an efficient limited palette strategy. Procedural options to organize your painting routine from block in...toning, exciting your color results with "color vibration"; brushwork...control while finishing with a look of fresh spontaneity.

I'll explain my exploration and understanding of teachings and ideas of Emile Gruppe, Edgar Payne, and that painter's painter, John F. Carlson. For the advanced painter, advantages of strategic palettes such as "pigment soup;" a modified midgray neutral mud palette based on a wet into wet approach; and the mood building split-complementary palette. Other advanced considerations such as confined realistic rendering and finishing versus peripheral suggestiveness. (In plain speak...how to finish with a realistic focal point in your painting using the surrounding areas of the painting to redirect the viewer's eye again and again to the focal area. The result, a refreshing contemporary free painterly work that borders on the abstract but satifies that enjoyment of realism). Less...IS MORE!

These are the possible prospects of what may be taught based on the experience of participants, fine tuning to the needs of each individual. Bring a notebook, sketchbook prepared to take a good number of notes.


Bring a notebook for taking of notes, a number of small panels (5"x 7") for value studies, and several larger paint panels...recommended sizes from 9"x 12" to 11"x 14"

I like to work, and encourage my students to try to work with a limited palette, which both Gruppe and Payne likewise recommended:

A good dark French Ultramarine Blue (I recommend Utrecht)
A red- not too orange, not too violet in nature (I recommend W&N Bright Red)
Cadmium Lemon Yellow or Hansa Yellow...(good number of brands)
Titanium White
Naples Yellow (for tinting options, and natural earth color, I recommend Utrecht)
Viridian or Thalo Green (dark...for variation in making darks)

I have of late added some use of quinacridone red, and cadmium orange

as for paint supports- 

You can prepare a very fine gessoed hardboard or stretched canvas as follows-

If you can find Synco pumice #FFF available (a fine woodfinishing powder) available at some hardware stores and then I recommend buying a pound (comes in 1lb milk carton-like containers for about $7 or less), and mix two-three rounded tablespoon of pumice powder to one cup of gesso. 

If you have never made your own canvas adhered supports and would like to give it a try, here is a link where I demonstrate how to do this-
Wetcanvas- Making Canvas Painting Supports!

I have myself of late been taping cut primed linen to foam core board or panel supports to paint on, a way of preserving storage space for some artists until a work is required to prepare for exhibition or sale, which then can be adhered to a panel (lineco glue) or stretched. If you wish to try this and have some linen on hand, you may find it an enjoyable way to work.


You will find ample motel & hotel options between Anchorage and Wasilla with a simple search online...

Workshop Deposit/Reservations-

Okay everyone...we're rollin'!!! Below you will find Paypal links to pay the second remaining workshop fee payment due...in addition, for folks coming into this late...we still have some room, and you will find options to pay in full...( see information that follows)

Those who signed up early, took advantage of a $100 discount for taking the full five day workshop, normally I charge $120 per day; for you, the remaining balance is now due; (within the thirty days prior to the scheduled workshop start date). Those signing up early for the two day/weekend workshop, your link is now also available below to pay second payment. Those who chose both week/weekend workshops, with discount...you will see your link available as well for second payment.

If you then are just now joining us...the weeklong fee will be- $600; the weekend fee- $240...and as an incentive to taking both week and weekend workshops, a $40 discount coming to- $800...and please note links below for those options. I will keep these links (for late comers) active only until June the 11th...or until class reaches capacity; (*note- contact me if there are circumstances which I might be able to accommodate or work with you...this goes out to everyone).

If you are paying the 2nd payment for the One Week workshop ONLY...

If you are paying the 2nd payment for the Weekend workshop ONLY...

If you are paying the 2nd payment for BOTH the One Week workshop, and follow-up weekend...

If you are just joining us...weeklong workshop fee is $600...

Just joining us...weekend ONLY workshop fee is $240...

Just joining us...taking $40 discount to take BOTH Week/Weekend workshops- $800


Larry Seiler- Wasilla, Alaska Workshop
PO Box 112
Laona, WI., 54541


If you have any questions contact me by email... lseiler.artist@gmail.com or call (715) 889-2552

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