Larry Seiler
-- Amherst Wisconsin- "The Cellar" --

We opened for Alex Harvey


Doesn't get any better than this! Saturday, June 8th... played before a packed house, well advertised over five radio stations and a couple Milwaukee newspapers. What a privilege to have opened for legendary- Alex Harvey. Alex, (first photo), known for his songs- "Delta Dawn" and "Reuben James" has written many well known songs for Billy Rae, Kenny Rogers, Helen Ready...whew, you name 'em! He had many great stories to boot. A night many of us are going to remember!

I, Dale Anderson, and Mark Riggenbach...teamed up to deliver a compact well packaged sizzling blues mini set.  By the time we were done and ready to introduce Alex... the crowd was ready!  No...let's say they were sssSMOKIN!  Much fun....!







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