"Cedar Creek Rapids " 9 "x 12 "
oil on pumice ground panel - (inquire on this work's availability)

Another of my many pieces painted during the week of the annual Cedarburg Plein Air Festival held in Cedarburg, WI...held over the summer. Again, my habit of setting up in the water on this warm day, gaining a lower vantage point to see a unique angle of the light was most inviting.

Being from the much farther northern region of Wisconsin in the national forests...many shorelines do not offer a vantage point free of tag alders or obstruction. So, other than preparing for what is likely to be cold waters (that's what waders are for), not so strange for me. On this day, had no waders...but it was a warm summer day, the water not so cold, but cool and promising some respite from the day's heat.

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