Demo's and Instructionals!

 "Creating a Roadside Masterpiece"
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This plein air oil session considers the choices the artist has available when making decisions on composition.  Larry, then takes you step-by-step in beginning and finishing a 16"x 20" oil in a limited time frame, known as an "alla prima."

"A Winter Plein Air of NE Wisconsin's Rat River"
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Many pack their gear for the season when the snow flies, but that's just when Larry starts gettin' excited for the wonderful visual contrasts winter provides.  Stand knee deep in snow for a step-by-step alla prima plein air!

"Producing An Acrylic that Appears as an Oil Painting!"
longslide_falls_demo.jpg (73497 bytes)

This is a large vertical acrylic demonstration of a Wisconsin waterfall, shows in addition to brush work the application of paint with a homemade palette knife.  Larry, reveals methods that when finished have many people (including gallery owners) thinking the painting to be an oil.

"Putting Together a Duck Stamp Contest Entree!"
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This demo highlights gathering information, developing many sketches, and thinking about composition to produce entrees for state and national waterfowl compositions.  This would apply to trout, turkey, and pheasant.

"Bobber Stare Down!  A Look at Color and Composition"
bobber_stare_down.jpg (67064 bytes)

Larry, takes an earlier portrait of his son at the age of four, and discusses thinking that goes into color theory, composition arrangement,etc;

"Sketching...Taking Dictation from Life!"
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This is an intimate in-depth eleven page lesson looking over Larry's own sketch books, with insight to its value in developing the artist and working out ideas.

"Composition & Design- Understanding and Using It!"
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Get a bare-bones understanding of composition, which takes the confusion and complexity of good design and presents it as simple as it gets.

"Painting Along the Shores of Presque Isle, UP Michigan!"
presque_isle.jpg (51048 bytes)

A packed full demo of information, equipment, and step-by-step methods in painting an alla prima plein air oil on the wonderful beaches of Lake Superior.

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