Demo's and Instructionals!

 "Painting On Location Along the Snowy Oconto River"
easel_insnow.jpg (31703 bytes)

A short three page demo following Larry, on one of his sessions painting along one of Wisconsin's well known northern rivers.  Warm up to the fun of painting in the 'c-c-c Cold!

 "Translating Listening to Music to Images in Paint!"
santana_music_painting.jpg (66161 bytes)

Crazy fun!  This instructional shows Larry, as art teacher and provides a good lesson for other teachers.  He demonstrates aesthetics of listening to forms of music, and then responding with tempera paint

 "Wonderful Cartoon Demo by Larry's son, Jason!"
jason_cartoonist.jpg (26012 bytes)

I visited my artist/son Jason in his art studio in Chicago.  Jason, shows us his methods step-by-step in creating characters for his cartoon strip "Jiles & Gavin" and discusses varied interesting and useful techniques.

 "Lifest- Performance Art Message at Oshkosh, WI!"
blknwhite_jazz72.jpg (39218 bytes)

Larry, was a speaker at this year's Lifest Music & Arts Festival held in Oshkosh, WI, July 12th & 13th.  His audience experienced this 6'x4' grisalle painting of an English Setter pup destroyed as a means to communicate metaphorically.  See the entire presentation and end results!

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