"Fiddleheads Bistro and Java " 14 "x 18"
oil on pumice ground panel- (inquire on this work's availability)

Painted at this past Cedarburg Plein Air festival, my intention was a nocturned. Setting up about 11pm one night, not prepared nor aware that at midnight most of the businesses in this smaller southern Wisconsin town had their floodlights on timers set to shut down. So, at midnight there I was..."huh???" So, out came the paint knife, scraped it down...and off to sleep with tail tucked and defeated.

Went back next day...and decided not to let this neat little establishment get the best of me, and set up across the road.

Don't often have opportunity from my area of the world to paint interesting architecture or building structures, other than perhaps a farm or cabin every so often. So, this was fun...

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