"Flooded Timbers " 10 x 20
oil on linen   (inquire about this work's availability)

I love taking a scene that is intimidating, with a good deal of content or visual voices and seeing that special something, perhaps the light...attempt to extract and simplify. Come across yet as a complex scene...but more so suggestively.

Picasso once said, "art is a lie that tells the truth" and here I have lied about how complex this scene is, that is...the lie is believed from how I have painted this, and in a large part that has come by manipulating the viewer's eye and drawing it to a specific area again and again. Enough information in the background to convince the eye, but before the eye can come to any other conclusions, it is brought back to my focal areas.

This is the really really fun part of painting and what comes of experience.

I have painted this very thick in strategic places, quite painterly...and was a lot of fun!

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