"Longslide Falls " 6 x 9
goauche  (inquire about this work's availability)

One of my good fortunes in last year's trip to NYC, at a time most difficult for myself personally, was meeting and making friends with an artist/friend of my son's. A marvelous artist and illustrator, and I was quite taken by his work with gouache or "opaque watercolor"

By weeks end and return home, I was ready to give some a try myself...and most generous, my new friend gave me some very good Holbein pigments to take home and try. Thanks Fred...!

I have come to learn that I don't use them as they are traditionally used by artists that came up the watercolor ranks of learning. I used them a bit thicker...creamier, and paint in a manner very similar to my use of oils. I guess I consider myself lucky then not to have had that other "education" for I might not have liked them nearly as much nor attained the look. I'm told my style then is very uniquely mine in that regard.

This work represents my fascination with the capability of gouache to capture drama, light...

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