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CD- "Desert Muses "        

This project began with the simple intention to write and produce a few acoustic guitar songs as background for painting videos...and after quite a few years of performing original blues and blues rock songs, my wife tells me (hearing what I was doing) she had always hoped I'd do an acoustic CD. Hhhmmm...well, that was news to me!

Having never embarked on such a project, I thought it might actually be quite fun.

I invested in a Keyser short Capo to use with my Keyser regular capo in various configurations, various alternative tunings and what comes about in "Desert Muses" is about a year's long experimentation. It has come as a somewhat pleasant surprise that I have been enjoying some demand of this project, and to my wife's delight who insists there has been a folk and new acoustic artist in me for a long time.

I am already at work on a second CD project tentatively called, "Wilderness Wanderings"...

"Desert Muses" comes as reflections from my now living going on nine years in a national forest region of Northern Wisconsin, a logging community of about 1,000 people. Great for the subject content I love to paint...1200 lakes and streams at close proximity...but...a virtual desert of culture, and the ever present feeling I'd have to live here 20 years and die before being accepted as one of the locals.

The CD includes ten songs, four having vocals.

Cost is $10... plus $5 shipping/handling worldwide! Just use the easy Paypal button below

Now Available!!!   "Simple Things"


cd- $10; plus $5 shipping/handling

Fifteen songs, blending new folk and blues originals that find an eager ear in Larry's coffeehouse performances.  He's been compared to a young Bob Dylan, and John Hammond with lyrics made for the thinking person delivered with a  pleasant sometimes raspy voice.
Check out a few tunes from- "Simple Things"-
Keep In Line"-   [ MP3 ] MP3 file size is 1.93MB
"Simple Things"[ MP3MP3 file size is 1.48MB
"Doggone Blues "[ MP3MP3 file size is 1.98MB

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