CD- "Gut Level"  - copyright 2001

"Larry Seiler is a singer/songwriter in the style of the '60s.  With the emergence and support of the Border's bookstores & coffee bars-type venues, Seiler should find himself in great demand.  He still has all his chops, he's in tune, and he plays some great coffeehouse-style music. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and some great harmonica playing, and in his pleasant, slightly gritty voice, he sings mostly about the paradoxes and ironies of life...."
Shari Lloyd 
-Phantom Tollbooth

"Seiler pours passion and skill into delta blues, recalling performers like John Hammond and young Bob Dylan.  His band, "Beggar's Joy" has been compared to the Doors and Santana."
Bill Foy 
-Entertainment Editor/Eau Claire Leader Telegram

" a solo artist, Larry plays to very appreciative crowds. I consider Larry, one of the best musicians I have performing here at Borders!"
Shelly Grokowsky
-Community Relations Coordinator
Borders Books Music and Cafe


© 2001 Larry Seiler