"Music with a Mission"
Background of Larry Seiler, (cont.d)

As a teacher in the eighties, it became my conviction of the times that things were  increasingly becoming more destructive spiritually to the youth.  Youth typically look to the icons of their subculture to find meaning by which to define themselves, and simply lecturing or pointing out potential dangers as a thinking adult would prove to do little.  It seemed inevitable to enter the subculture,  to claim a significant corner and compete for mind positioning.  In so doing, attention is gained long enough make clear the fog and point to eternal truths, thereby reaching some.

My first band of such was the band, "Battlezone" after which a year's time we changed our name to "Pursuit!"  I was the lead singer and main song writer.  My main instrument aside from my vocals, was the blues harmonica and occasional guitar.  Randy Scherz, of Dallas, Wisconsin was our guitarist.  Brian Johnson, of Spooner, Wisconsin was our bass player; and Carl Setser, originally from Ohio and now of Birchwood, Wisconsin...our drummer.  


Our band evolved, with a number of musicians taking over such as GIT's (Minneapolis, MN Guitar Tech Institute) illustrious guitar wiz kid- Todd Carone, or "TC" as we would call him.  Brian Johnson and I, however remained the core and all still good friends to this day.

Originally we were church sponsored, 'till we got the left foot of fellowship...which was due to the controversial nature and pioneering times of Christians playing hardrock music.  Ours was more a blues hard rock sound, some comparing us to ZZ-Top.  All of our songs, with the exception of a few, were original.  Our main outreach in the form of concerts was western Wisconsin and the Minneapolis area.  We were frequently invited to play at the New Union on Central Avenue of Minneapolis, and made it into the semifinals of the battle of the bands in that competition's early year inception.

Blues music had been an influence on my playing since I can remember, that and folk music's way of gettin' a mind to think.  I don't know why, 'cept that I would credit being tapped into God at the right moment, but I rarely ever struggle writing lyrics.  Often after getting a good sound going by our typical jammin', the words would just flow and I couldn't write fast enough.  Sometimes a song written in its entirety in 15 minutes.

We did a lot of concerts for church groups of many denominations, summer festivals, had shirts and all that stuff.  The neatest thing that comes out of that experience for anyone that has played in a band, is that need to sacrifice one's ego to get along.  To strive for single-mindedness in one's direction or the right direction for all concerned.  Add onto that that nearly everyone is married or responsible for dependents, and a lot of dynamics enter in.


© 2001 Larry Seiler