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Photo Gallery

digital photography by wife Debbie Seiler and friends


Love of my life, 29 years married...Debbie


SSons Jason (left) and Jeremy...about five years ago or so 

on a trip together in Florida


Jason at leisure in his Chicago art studio


Jason and little Beau Beau at one of his exhibitions...


Jason's big night, but obviously prouder of daughter Beau Beau...

Jason's lovely wife Kat, and daughter Beau (Isabeau Paige)


Jeremy with his lovely fiancee, Ashley at Green Bay Packer Game


Jer...Ashley, and their chessie pup Riley


Wife Debbie with our two girls- Curly hair golden

retriever, Ashley... and dark chocolate lab, Gracie looking very regal


Jeremy, is finishing school this year with a degree in landscaping and managing golf courses, his fiancee Ashley graduating UW Madison with a degree and license as a registered nurse.  Planning a marriage this coming June. Jeremy is my outdoors hunting and fishing partner.

Jason, is attending the Chicago American Academy of Art on scholarship, extremely talented and gifted but works harder than anyone I know to improve where others can't imagine improvement possible. Do check out his online artist's website! <Married to Kat for eight years this next September.  Isabeau is 2-1/2 years of age and quite the cutey!

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