"Landscape Painting- the art of seeing and doing"
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 Larry's background as an art educator goes back to a BA double major in the visual arts and art education nearly 25 years ago to his more recent recognition as Who's Who Among America's Teachers.  Twice nominated for the Laird Foundation Award for Leadership in Art.

This mammoth volume of 307 pages is more than a few demonstrations of typical step by step as he discusses and illustrates how the viewer's eye is to be taken on a journey.  He teaches the reader how to see, how to select components to make the ideal composition, issues important to color and value.

Larry is adept at many mediums from oils and acrylics to watercolors and pastels; painting in studio and on location alla prima plein air.  Painters of all mediums will benefit, for Larry's crusade is not so much to tout the merits of one medium, but how the eye so well trained will find the hand adapting the painter's knowledge to any medium.

The Table of Contents is as follows-

Directing the Viewer’s Eye
Forms of Visual Balance
Negative & Positive Element’s Exercise

Learning to See
Squinting the Eyes
Judging Color Relationships
Making & Using a Valu’ator

Choosing Your Subject

Unifying- Pulling it All Together
Color Notes & Rhythm
Power of Lines

Getting to Know Yourself (Your Sense of Aesthetics)
Drawing Thumbnails

Making Paint Panels

Palette, Color and Medium
Oil Palette
Copal Medium
Tonalism & Tone Wheel
Acrylic Palette
Limited Palette

Demos- (including oils, acrylic and watercolor)


Rants and Tidbits

Rants and Tidbits comes from Larry's experience interacting with many artists as a moderator and member of the acclaimed online international artist's community Wetcanvas.com, from online arts education listservs, and visitors to his own website...answering questions, giving critiques and encouragements, and sharing many personal experiences from striving for reputation to finding balance in the artistic lifestyle.  A chance to sit back, read and reflect...find pause to laugh, and learn.

A Word about Adobe Acrobat and advantages of a CD Rom Book-  Unlike conventional books, Acrobat offers viewers options of thumbnails and bookmarks for easy navigation, features such as zoom allowing for up close and personal examination of painting images and brushwork, and allows you to stylize your own environment.

The CD Rom book's intro start-up page provides a link to run the manual right away providing you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system.  If you do not, a second link provides you with a free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0  stored on the disc.  Of course Mac systems have Adobe Acrobat already loaded.  This CD ROM book works with both Macintosh and Windows PC computer systems.

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