Park Rapids, Minnesota 2011
--intensive, inspiring, breakthru moments--


Workshop Details-

June 13--15 (Wednesday-Friday) three day plein air workshop; 9am to 5pm daily

Park Rapids, MN
(Located roughly three hours west of Duluth, MN...1-1/2 hours east of Fargo, ND)

Scope of Learning-

Understanding composition and design fundamentals & working with thumbnail sketches and prelimnaries
exercises in value studies, isolating necessary colors and setting up your palette. Taking advantage of negative space to sculpt the illusion/sense of trees.

Brushwork and edges....color strategies

limited class size= 10-12 students


Hosted by Blank Canvas Gallery & Education/learning Center

for inquiries and more information, contact- Steve Beaubein 218-237-5112 or 605-940-8446

or contact Steve by email


Bring a notebook for taking of notes, a number of small panels (5"x 7") for value studies, and several larger paint panels...recommended sizes from 9"x 12" to 11"x 14"

I like to work, and encourage my students to try to work with a limited palette, which both Gruppe and Payne likewise recommended:

A good dark French Ultramarine Blue (I recommend Utrecht)
A red- not too orange, not too violet in nature (I recommend W&N Bright Red)
Cadmium Lemon Yellow or Hansa Yellow...(good number of brands)
Titanium White
Naples Yellow (for tinting options, and natural earth color, I recommend Utrecht)
Viridian or Thalo Green (dark...for variation in making darks)

I have of late added some use of quinacridone red, and cadmium orange

as for paint supports- 

You can prepare a very fine gessoed hardboard or stretched canvas as follows-

If you can find Synco pumice #FFF available (a fine woodfinishing powder) available at some hardware stores and then I recommend buying a pound (comes in 1lb milk carton-like containers for about $7 or less), and mix two-three rounded tablespoon of pumice powder to one cup of gesso. 

If you have never made your own canvas adhered supports and would like to give it a try, here is a link where I demonstrate how to do this-
Wetcanvas- Making Canvas Painting Supports!

I have myself of late been taping cut primed linen to foam core board or panel supports to paint on, a way of preserving storage space for some artists until a work is required to prepare for exhibition or sale, which then can be adhered to a panel (lineco glue) or stretched. If you wish to try this and have some linen on hand, you may find it an enjoyable way to work.


There are a number of motels in the Park Rapids area...just search Google Maps


Larry Seiler-
PO Box 112
Laona, WI., 54541


If you have any questions for me, contact me by email... or call (715) 889-2552

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