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As one gets older, the inevitable disqualification of being relevant to the youth becomes evident.  Roughly sometime in 1997 or early 1998 I cut my hair.  That was a tough decision for me after wearing it long for so so many years, however...music had gone thru many changes and where at one time long hair was a near necessary affirmation of one's being a musician, it was now simply a sign of your belonging to a bygone era.

Mounting difficult times in my own life, and identifying with a lot of pain in the world just more or less naturally gravitated me toward the blues and folk music. Yet not so much a down and out thing, as a weariness with every false idea of what promises  to find happiness, love, and truth.  As my music grew...so did my desire for a deeper connection to ideas.  I long surrendered any notion to becoming "known" with my music and realized my greatest asset was not owing up to some bigger than life persona.  This gave me a great sense of freedom to experiment musically, and with some cleverness of structuring the written and sung word seek more to cause people to reflect, contemplate...egads already, perhaps even think!

This would preclude that the coffeehouse atmosphere would become more and more the place where I would become comfortable.  People attending closer in age, (but not always), having some sense that life ought to have meaning.  Coming  not only to be entertained but with expectations to be challenged and possibly inspired.

My songs are yet about hope, faith...a yearning for truth.  About paradoxes and strange ironies, and still the occasion to laugh and to smile.


© 2001 Larry Seiler